Dispute Policy

Do you have a complaint about our findings?

Dispute Resolution Process

If you wish to dispute the status of your service and/or company on Key Radar, please steps detailed below this paragraph prior to contacting us. After receiving the complaint we will proceed to launch an investigation, answer your questions and try to resolve the situation to the best of our abilities. We acknowledge that the methodology we use to determine the status of digital game stores could (rarely) be incorrect. We try our best to independently verify stores with industry representatives, but time restraints prevent our ability to apply this to every store.

  • 1. Supportive Documents

    Gather supporting evidence which indicate that you are an authorized seller of digital games. Depending on the circumstances of your request, we may ask for specific documents upon our request. We will clarify the exact items, delivery method and our disposal policy if/when we request the documents.

  • 2. Business Information

    In your initial dispute request, please provide the following details on your business; registered business name and/or number (if applicable), business address and the corresponding phone number. We also need the name of your supplier(s) (e.g. Nexway, Ztorm, etc) so we can verify that you are an authorized seller. Please note that the business details you provide us needs to match the records that your supply has.

  • 3. Contact Us

    Once you have the information we requested, feel free to contact us.

How long will it take before we get back to you?

The time it takes for us to review your request will vary depending on the complexity of your complaint. We will attempt to keep you updated on the status of our investigation as it proceeds.

Will my service be removed from the blacklist while an investigation is active?

No. The status of your service will not be changed from its former state until we verify if the store is an authorized seller.