Key Radar

We scan the depths of the internet to determine the legitimacy of digital game storefronts.

Why Avoid Unauthorized CD Key Resellers?

Games Get Revoked

It's common for digital gaming platforms such as Steam, Origin and Uplay to revoke keys purchased off unauthorized resellers.

Industry Fraud

The distribution of keys purchased with stolen credit cards is widespread throughout the key reselling industry.

Security Issues

Resellers have been implicated in using their sold keys as proof of purchase in order to hijack customer steam accounts.

Privacy Concerns

Many resellers require you upload some ID via unsecured methods and refuse to state their data retention policies.

It Raises Prices

The prices of games has risen in low median income countries due to key resellers, resulting in unaffordable games.

Shady Owners

Many of the people people behind key reselling sites have criminal history and continue to engage in unethical practices.

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